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Kick-off meeting, October 08, Paris

This committee aims at:

  • Produce concrete guidelines regarding public/private partnership in the field of obesity prevention CBIs, including ethical, legal and economical aspect, especially through:

    • Definition of PPP in the field of public health and obesity prevention

    • Documentary search, interviews of relevant stakeholders

    • Analysis and synthesis including:

      • Interest of a PPP: analysis of positive and negative arguments

      • Evaluation aspects (need for a preliminary evaluation, evaluation of the operational functioning of the partnership...)

      • Ethical aspects (philosophy, expected benefits...)

      • Legal aspects (Appropriate profile for partners, type of partnership, type of contracts...)

    • Concrete key elements to implement a PPP (rules, factors of success, risk analysis...)

    • Relationship to be built between Public/Private partners and scientific experts on the one hand, and between Public/Private partners and political representatives on the other hand

  • Publishing the guidelines

  • Disseminating the guidelines and results

  • Develop an ethical charter to be signed by interested public and private partners/sponsors in the frame of EPODE-like initiatives

  • Accompanying and counselling relevant stakeholders willing to establish a PPP in the framework of EPODE-like initiatives in other European countries

  • Ensuring understanding and awareness of key opinion leaders in each country, about the benefits of the implementation of EPODE like programmes


  • Prof. Monique ROMON (chairman) assisted by Dr Thomas Alam, Lille 2 University

  • Permanent members: coordinating team representatives, EEN Private partners representatives, DG SANCO representative, representatives of the other committees, qualified European experts in the field

  • Invited experts, possessing specific experience in this field and giving punctual advice on topics previously defined by the permanent members.

The university team works throughout the year in collaboration with the coordinating team and once to twice a year, the committee members gather for a meeting (5 meetings over the 3 years).

Main questions

This committee is in charge of defining the framework for Public/Private Partnership (PPP) in the field of obesity prevention CBIs, including ethical, legal and economical aspects. It is also be in charge of facilitating the establishment and the implementation of these PPP for identified relevant candidates. This committee also designs an "ethical charter" to be signed by relevant stakeholders willing to get involved in the set up of an EPODE-like initiative.

A focus is made on the following topics:

  • The various kind of existing PPP in the field of public health CBIs

  • The vision of PPP by interviewed stakeholders

  • The favourable and unfavourable contexts to set up a PPP

  • Relevant public stakeholders profiles to be part of a PPP

  • Relevant private stakeholders profiles to be part of a PPP

  • Guidelines for the establishment, follow up and evaluation of PPP

  • Conflict of interest: how can it be prevented and managed?

  • Additional topics that come up during the working period

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MEETING NOTES MATERIALS (ppt, xls, doc...)


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How it works?


For each of the four pillars or work packages: Political involvement, Scientific evaluation, Methods and Social Marketing and Public / private partnership, the work in progress will be discussed within its corresponding committee (once to twice a year).

The university team is responsible for the development of background papers, position papers and other related preparatory research activities based on literature reviews, interviews etc. and is in regular contact with the EEN coordinating team to share information, ensure consistency with overall activities and objectives.