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Why is Nestlé supporting EPODE

Nestlé as a Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company is committed to encouraging healthy lifestyle, which includes helping tackle the public health challenge of overweight and obesity. We do this by offering consumers ever healthier and tasty products, allowing consumer to make an informed choice by providing meaningful labelling and marketing our products in a responsible way.
The obesity pandemic, by its multi-causal character, calls for multi-stakeholder approaches. Through the “Nestlé Healthy Kids Global Programme”, Nestlé is engaged in nutrition education programmes aimed at raising nutrition, health and wellness awareness of school-age children around the world. Nestlé believes that education is the single most powerful tool for ensuring that children understand the value of nutrition and physical activity to their health through the course of their lives. HEALTHY KIDS programs are designed in collaboration with national health authorities, child nutrition experts, or educational authorities. There are now 56 programmes operating globally and Nestlé intends to develop partnerships aimed at implementing HEALTHY KIDS in all countries where we have operations by the end of 2011.

One of Nestlé's most important commitments within the Nestlé HEALTHY KIDS programme is therefore our support of EPODE. Already in 1992  Nestlé France, as the first company, started to develop a long-term partnership with 2 major community programmes: FLEURBAIX-LAVENTIE VILLES SANTE and later with EPODE in 2004. Nestlé is now also supporting the roll out of EPODE in other European countries.
Multi-Stakeholder Programme
By providing some evidence that multi-stakeholders programmes involving the entire community can lead to a significant decrease or stabilization of the prevalence of children obesity, EPODE distinguishes itself from other projects. Nestlé find the concept very interesting and it is now a challenge to get a wider acceptance of the methodology in additional communities throughout Europe and to further develop monitoring tools for the evaluation of the projects. This is why Nestlé in 2007 decided to expand our EPODE commitments and to sponsor the European EPODE Network (EEN) with the aim to scale up EPODE and accelerate such initiatives by developing guidelines and disseminating good practices including Public/Private Partnerships. Partnership means not only economic support but also being involved in the "thinking process".
Nestlé decided to support projects like EPODE/EEN because we also believe we can make a difference by bringing our knowledge, experience and science to the table. Encouraging good nutrition and healthy lifestyle makes good business sense and at the same time we can help kids to a healthy start in life. This is for us Creating Shared Value.
Creating value not only for the company but also for the society long term wise is Nestlé's approach to CSR. This is embedded in our core business strategy and not an add on.

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