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Ferrero's Statement

Ferrero has always encouraged a healthy lifestyle, especially for young people, based on physical activity and a responsible consumption of its products.

This commitment is, inter alia, demonstrated by:

  • Mainly targeting our commercial communications to parents, in order to support their crucial role in educating their children to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle;

  • Providing parents with products whose portion sizes allow them to ensure a balanced consumption by their children.

Obesity is a complex and multi-factorial issue, resulting from a combination of different causes, such as genetic predisposition, unbalanced diet, socio-economic factors and, most of all, sedentary lifestyle. In the context of the current obesity debate, adequate attention should be drawn to the equation energy-in energy-out. Industry has acknowledged the relevance of this factor and undertaken a series of actions, including programmes aimed at promoting physical activity and a healthy active lifestyle, especially among children.

Although the food industry cannot educate consumers without the support of National Authorities, it still has a role to play, namely by supporting public education programmes endorsed by relevant Institutions and Governments.

EPODE (‘Ensemble prevenons l'obesité des enfants'), initially launched in some selected French villages, provides precisely this kind of opportunity, as it is supported by both public and private entities, with different fields of action. The programme itself is run by Public Authorities, while private partners do not interfere with the planning and execution.

For the above reasons, in the framework of the European Platform on Diet, Physical activity and Health, Ferrero committed to supporting the EPODE Programme, as well as the European Epode Network (EEN).

The European Platform on 'Diet, Physical Activity and Health' has, in particular, highlighted the necessity of working in a multi-partnership way, involving all sectors of society, in the public as well as private domains. Thus, the 'EPODE European Network' was launched, with the support of DG SANCO of the European Commission. The objective of the EEN is to extend these projects and to provide a more formal structure for sharing best practices, so as to allow for a wider application of the EPODE Programme.

FERRERO's commitment to support EPODE includes the following:

  • contributing to the funding of the activities of EPODE in France (from 2006 to 2011), as well as in the two additional countries where the Programme was subsequently launched: Belgium (VIASANO) from 2007, Spain (THAO) from 2008 and Greece (PAIDEITROFI) from 2009;

  • contributing to the funding of the EEN, from June 2007 to December 2010. This financial support contributes to the following activities:

    • Production and dissemination of concrete guidelines and best practices within a "think and do tank", coordinated by the EEN;

    • Raise of specific political, institutional and scientific awareness of the relevance of local, long-term and multi-stakeholder approaches to set up CBIs applied to childhood obesity prevention in other countries and regions;

    • Identification of teams or interested contributors to get involved with in an EPODE-like program in other countries, regions and cities.

Ferrero is also represented and actively contributes to the board meetings of the EPODE European Network project once a year and to committee meetings, especially the one focusing on "Public/ Private Partnerships".


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