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Applied Research and Reporting

During 3 years, multidisciplinary key experts from up to 15 European countries will follow a workplan, deliver outputs and produce the agreed guidelines. The network, created and coordinated by the EEN Coordinating team within PROTEINES Company, is structured around a board and four committees including workgroups: a « scientific evaluation and dissemination » committee, a « public / private partnership » committee, a « methods and social marketing » committee, and a committee for the «involvement of political representatives», (including the European Alliance for EPODE).

From the objectives of the EEN that are,

  • The production of concrete guidelines regarding the EPODE approach and its 4 pillars

  • The dissemination of these guidelines in order to raise political, institutional and scientific awareness to the importance of local, long-term and multi-stakeholder approaches

  • The identification and follow-up of relevant teams willing to implement CBI networks, using the EPODE methodology

    Key activities of the project will be:

    1. Applied research activities conducted by each of the four university teams in collaboration with the coordinating team, in particular:

      • Bringing together the different teams representative of programmes directly inspired by EPODE throughout the world (THAO, VIASANO...),

      • Listing and evaluating the actions undertaken or planned in the field in Europe and throughout the world, in cooperation with existing networks, and institutional approaches (IOTF, WHO, European Commission...)

      • Conducting qualitative surveys to conceptualize EPODE keys for success

      • Identifying countries or institutions expressing a motivation toward implementing CBI programmes using EPODE methodology; Facilitating experience sharing between these teams and EPODE national coordination teams

      • Publishing and disseminating findings in order to raise awareness of political and institutional representatives, experts, private stakeholders...

    2. Regular meetings with invited experts in order to discuss the work in progress, present other case-studies and share experience.