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PAIDEIATROFI Focus: Actions in towns to promote vegetable consumption

b10The second semester of 2010 was dedicated to a theme aimed at promoting the everyday consumption of vegetables in all the towns involved in the PAIDEIATROFI programme. The local teams informed and mobilized the population around the multiple benefits of Vegetables through numerous innovative and entertaining activities. Let’s have a closer look at concrete actions on the field.

In Perama, the students of a local nursery school set up a vegetable garden in their schoolyard, learning and following all the stages of a plant growth: from seed to plate. A nutritionist and a member of the local steering committee have also collaborated and presented the boundless variety of vegetables and the related benefits for our health.


In Amfissa, the local Project Manager had the inspiring idea to combine this PAIDEIATROFI theme with Christmas and invited the children to decorate the Christmas-Fruit & Vegetable-Tree with ornaments of carton fruits and vegetables, they had hand-crafted.


In Palaio Faliro, the pupils of all kindergartens and elementary schools were invited to prepare with their parents healthy recipes containing vegetables. The result was a huge buffet with delicious dishes, set at the Town Hall for everyone to enjoy! A local chef was also there in order to demonstrate how to prepare a “gourmet” leafy salad.

An art exhibition entitled “Can Vegetables become art?” was organised In Galatsi, municipal cultural centre. The answer is “yes!” since pupils from all local schools participated to the exhibition that showcased art works focused on or even made of vegetables!


In Stavroupoli, the local team organised interactive workshops in the local kindergartens. Children and their parents participating to these activities were informed about the benefits of vegetables consumption and received practical advice on how to incorporate them to their everyday consumption.


The local PAIDEITAROFI team of Kifissia, invited the children to participate to a “Vegetable feast” where they had the opportunity to listen to stories starring peppers and green beans, to sing about the love between Mrs Tomato and Mr Onion and to practice physical activity playing a game called “Hot Potato”.

In Argiroupoli, more than 500 pupils were gathered at the Town Hall, in order to participate at workshops around vegetables learning the kinds of vegetables Ancient Greeks consumed, the benefits they provide and their trip from seed to plate. Furthermore, children had the opportunity to cook with the help of a famous chef and to practice vegetable curving creating “nutritious sculptures” made of aubergines and pumpkins!


The schoolyards of the local elementary schools in Maroussi were transformed into vegetable gardens, where the children along with their teachers and specialized agriculturists planted vegetables seeds and plants. From now on, the pupils of Maroussi will be taking good care of their very own garden and come be in contact with fresh vegetables!


In Korinthos, for one whole day the main commercial pedestrian street was transformed into a huge open-air market! Each school was responsible for the promotion of a different vegetable, having its own stall and fresh products. The children offered vegetables to the passersby, along with smiles, leaflets and delicious recipe suggestions. The PAIDEIATROFI local team rewarded the hard-working “merchants” with a puppet show, interactive games and a big bag full of colourful vegetables!

To sum up, the PAIDEIATROFI communities managed to organise interesting and entertaining activities that helped children become more familiar with vegetables and increase their consumption, improving their nutrition and overall quality of life.

From January to June 2011, the new PAIDEIATROFI theme “Simple, Cheap and Healthy Eating” is implemented in the towns involved that are organising several activities, such as cookery workshops, art competitions, educational walks, physical activity games, dance happenings and many more.