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Feedback on the 2nd PAIDEIATROFI Annual Congress

2ndpaideiatroficongress-300x200The 2nd PAIDEIATROFI Annual Congress was completed successfully on Tuesday the 25th of January at the Maroussi Town Hall, one of the cities involved in the programme. The Congress aimed at presenting the activities of the programme over its second year of implementation in Greece, both at National and Local level. The complex issue of Childhood Obesity was analysed, while the very current topic of Economy and Nutrition was also explored.

The Congress began with the welcoming of the participants by Ms Helena Stamou, PAIDEIATROFI National Coordinator and official salutes from the institutional organisations that endorse the programme, including speeches from the Vice-Minister of Health and Social Solidarity Mr. Christos Aidonis, the Deputy Minister of Education Mrs Fofi Gennimata and the General Secretary for Youth, Mr. Giannis Livanos. Mr Giorgos Patoulis, Mayor of Maroussi and President of the Intermunicipality Network of Health and Social Solidarity that supports also the programme, expressed his commitment to the PAIDEIATROFI scope and implementation.

The European perspective of the programme was developed by Dr. Jean-Michel Borys, Director of the EPODE European Network, while Ms Helena Stamou and Mrs Cristiana Pavlidou, Scientific Advisor of the programme, respectively presented the activities of the programme at national and local level and also announced the first BMI measurements results of the PAIDEIATROFI towns.

The scientific dimension of the programme was analysed by Dr. Neni Pervanidou Paediatrician at Children’s Hospital Agia Sofia and by Dr. Yannis Kiriazis – Pathologist at Asklipiion Hospital, both members of the PAIDEIATROFI independent National Scientific Committee. The local government was represented by the local Project Managers of Perama, Galatsi and Kalymnos. They presented the local goals, activities and challenges of the implementation of PAIDEIATROFI at their respective towns.   
The second part of the Congress focused on the new PAIDEIATROFI theme “Simple, Cheap and Healthy Nutrition”. Mrs Cristiana Pavlidou announced the key messages and aims of this theme, while Mr. Evaggelos Zoumpaneas, nutritionist-dietician, presented the results of a research conducted by the scientific group “diatrofi”, regarding the influence of the new financial conditions to the lifestyle and nutritional habits of the Greek population.

Then, the journalist and writer Mr. Costas Stoforos used an entertaining presentation to foster both children and adults to return to self-cooked and home-made food. Executive Chef Kiriakos Melas suggested simple ways to create “haute cuisine” dishes with simple and inexpensive products.

Finally, the President of the Pan-Hellenic Dieticians’ Association, Mr. Grigoris Risvas, explained the main principles of the Mediterranean Diet while Mrs Anna Verouli and Mr. Nikos Michalopoulos, athletes, professors of physical training and children books writers, pointed out the importance of physical activity for all the family members and suggested creative and innovative ideas for simple, cheap and healthy physical activities.  

The Congress was attended by more than 150 participants coming from various sectors, such as health professionals, scientists, representatives of local governments, members of the food industry but also the general public interested in the contemporary epidemic of childhood obesity and the ways of preventing it.