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VIASANO Campaigns on the Field

132For each new campaign, the VIASANO Central Coordination team develops communication and action tools with the guidance of its independant scientific committee. These toolkits, provided to each local project manager, help to generate dynamics and raise awareness among the population. Each town is encouraged to use these toolkits according to their needs and to set up local actions. In this section, let’s have a closer look at concrete actions on the field.


Zoom on the two weeks information event in MARCHE-EN-FAMENNE:

The VIASANO campaign about the importance of sleep has been implemented in the second semester of 2010. From 17 December to 31 December, the town of Marche-en-Famenne organised a two weeks information event to raise awareness of the population on this important topic by offering easy-to-access information in various places.

To build on a broad network of local stakeholders, the local project manager went for example in all 9 pharmacies of the town to inform them personally about the new campaign and the on-going actions so that they can play an active role in the dissemination of the information. Leaflets and quizzes were also made available for their customers. Three stands (see below) with all VIASANO communication tools were held in the main buildings of the town (town hall, music conservatory and the training centre for teachers) during the two weeks.


Specific communication tools were developed by the central coordination team e.g. a board game (see below) dedicated to children. In free access on each stand during the campaign and still available on demand, 30 games were picked and used by teachers or educators. Its purpose is to sensitize children to natural sleeping rate and the importance to be aware of their needs. This original tool has been the subject of a local TV report.

Finally, the local VIASANO team sensitized the municipality’s employees during a healthy lunch break on the importance of sleep management. This was complemented by a relaxation moment, during which all employees were offered the possibility to get a personal massage given by a professional.

These two weeks campaign had a lot of success and the local team decided to extend it for one more week! The population showed a lot of interest, which was reinforced by a good press coverage in the local newspapers and radio.

Zoom on other field actions:

In the framework of the same campaign, the local VIASANO team of Jette also used the whole toolkit to sensitize and mobilise the local stakeholders from families to health professionals, including municipal employees. They organised an exposition in the town hall during 4 days. The attendance was high with 500 people a day getting informed on the topic and talking with sleep specialists and psychologists. 600 bookmarks, 30 board games, 250 posters, 3000 leaflets, 1000 sleeping test and 200 letters to health professionals have been distributed!

In Huldenberg, the local VIASANO team organised a conference about stress and relaxation entitled: “relaxation for dummies”. It was organized with university researchers and combined with an information session given by a sleep specialist.

In the meantime, the local team of Aarschot broadly promoted the campaign on the importance of a good sleep building on a school run which gathered 1500 participants.