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EPODE in Europe and worldwide - NEWS September 2010

In this section, get more information about EPODE communication activities in Europe and latest news from EPODE in France, VIASANO in Belgium, THAO in Spain and PAIDEIATROFI in Greece. Another part is dedicated to EPODE news outside Europe, notably from OPAL in South Australia and EPODE-5 pasos in Mexico.

paidi_logo News from PAIDEIATROFI in Greece

From January to June 2010, the theme "Breakfast – my secret weapon!" was launched in the 13 PAIDEIATROFI towns, to encourage the everyday consumption of a nutritional and delicious breakfast in children and adults alike. During this semester a variety of original and entertaining activities were organized, including breakfast picnics, festivals, drawing competitions, theatrical sketches, informative speeches and many more (Picture below).

Activities in a PAIDEIATROFI town during the
"Breakfast-my secret weapon!" theme


For the second semester of 2010, Vegetables are the taste of the season and families learn the benefits of introducing this food category in every main meal. The local teams of the PAIDEIATROFI towns have already attended the training seminar and received the material for this theme (See poster below). Many events and celebrations around vegetables are scheduled in the upcoming months, all over Greece. 

image 6
PAIDEIATROFI Poster of the Vegetables theme 

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News from THAO in Spain


In 2010, the Thao Programme has been extended to more than 42 towns in 10 different communities covering more than 300,000 children and a total of 2,500,000 inhabitants. The initial targets of the Thao Programme are children between 3 and 12 years old and their families. Recently, Thao decided to target a new population, babies from 0 to 3 years old, with specific actions supported by adapted tools.

"Blub, blub, blub... Dive into a healthy sea!"

From September 2010, THAO will launch a new theme about fish and seafood (see poster below). The objective is to promote the consumption of fish and seafood among all the population and especially among the youngest. It will also be an opportunity to discover the sea and fishing world, and that it is possible to move with water, playing and finding shellfish on the beach, fishing in the river, swimming and playing in the swimming pool, but also discover the wide variety of fishes and seafood, for example in the fish market.


image 7
Poster of the THAO theme about fish and seafood

The 6th THAO Congress will take place on the 21 and 22 October 2010 in Ibiza: "Eivissa, Thao city: connect with the Mediterranean way of life".

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News from EPODE in France


The EPODE towns will implement a new theme on portion size: "Small, medium, large: at mealtime, portions per person!".

During the local project managers training led on June 18th, four main key messages of the theme defined after a multi-stakeholder insight research were communicated:

  • "It is important to pay attention to internal signs of hunger and satiety"; it was noticed that it can help reducing food intakes
  • "When cooking/serving, adapt portion size according to age"; a need to differentiate young children's intakes from older ones was identified, for example in school catering services
  • "One snack a day, ok!"; after considering the multiplication of snack offers in some towns, this item appeared like a major subject to work on
  • "Play with illusions"; for example, serving drinks in a tall and thin glass gives the illusion of drinking a bigger amount than in a short and wide glass.

The framework for intervention includes the development of dedicated tools for the population (poster, leaflet, recipe sheets), action sheets for the local project managers to reach various local stakeholders, and a press release.

image 4
 Leaflet of the EPODE theme on Portions

Local project managers will implement the Portion theme in their respective towns from September 2010.

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 News from VIASANO in Belgium


The Sleep is the theme that will be highlighted in the 16 VIASANO towns from September 2010 to January 2011.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that a lack of sleep in adults and also in children could impact food behaviours and weight gain. Learn how to know our needs, observe a natural sleeping rate can thus be part of the prevention of childhood overweight and obesity. The quality of sleep is also important for adults who are informed via this campaign about sleep apnoea, which is a cardiovascular risk factor.

Various tools will be provided to VIASANO towns: posters (see picture) and leaflets, games to raise awareness of children on the theme, Epworth tests to assess somnolence risk etc.. Some towns have also already planed conferences for the population.

image 5

Poster of the VIASANO theme on Sleep

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 News from the EPODE-5Pasos Coordination Team in Mexico

"In 2008, the Five Steps Program started in Mexico which is based in the EPODE methodology that promotes 5 actions: 1) Activate, 2) Drink water, 3) Eat fruits and vegetables, 4) Measure up, and 5) Share.

The current strategy includes 29 federal states with 230 projects that include four environments: family, school, work and parks. This program benefits more than 73,000 woman and men from different ages (kids, teens, adults and elder people).

Our next goal is to implement this program in the municipalities of different states, following the EPODE's model of Villages. It is intended that by 2011 this program will be implemented in municipalities of at least 7 states of Mexico (Sonora, Nuevo León, Aguascalientes, Puebla, Colima, Estado de México and Tabasco).

In order to prepare the launch of the program at a municipal level, we had the chance to work with Christophe Roy, EPODE International Coordinator, who provided general training to personnel around the country and specialized coaching to personnel of Nuevo Leon, State of Mexico and Colima teams. We are expecting to successfully start the implementation activities in municipalities next year, determined to improve the health of the Mexican population."

EPODE training session in Nuevo Leon

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opal_graphic device

  News from OPAL in South Australia

OPAL is about to commence its second year in South Australia. Of the 68 Councils across our State, we now have 10 participating in OPAL with another 10 to start in the next two years. There is a lot of interest from Councils who have seen the impact OPAL is already having.

In mid September 2010, South Australia will start its second theme – "Give the screen a rest. Active play is best." With the sun rising at 5am and setting at 7pm over the coming months, there are plenty of hours for children to be outside playing. And the more time spent away from screens, the less likely children are to be eating unhealthy snacks.

Next Opal theme will focus on Active Play


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