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News from EPODE in Europe and worldwide

In this section, get more information about EPODE communication activities in Europe and latest news from EPODE in France, VIASANO in Belgium, THAO in Spain and PAIDEIATROFI in Greece. Another part is dedicated to EPODE news outside Europe, notably from OPAL in South Australia and 5 pasos in Mexico.

paidi_logo News from PAIDEIATROFI in Greece

The first PAIDEIATROFI congress was held in January 2010 with the active participation of all involved stakeholders to address the first outcomes in terms of social mobilization and the challenges for the coming years.

Representatives from 8 additional cities who have joined the programme in December 2009 (Amfissa, Anavissos, Galatsi, Kifissia, Korinthos, Nea Filadelfia, Thiva & Stavroupoli Thessalonikis) attended the event. From 5 pilot towns who launched the programme in December 2008, 13 towns are now actively implementing the PAIDEIATROFI Programme.

The current theme for this semester is on "Breakfast". Innovative actions are proposed by local stakeholders under the leadership of local authorities. For more information, please click here

(Photo: 1st PAIDEIATROFI Congress)

logo_viasano_copie News from VIASANO in Belgium

On 26 November 2009, the 1st VIASANO congress entitled "How to make the environment more favourable to our fellow-citizen's health?" was held in Mouscron (VIASANO pilot town). The key role of the local stakeholders has been discussed.
This first congress represented an opportunity to bring together all stakeholders such as local elected representatives, project managers, local stakeholders of the VIASANO cities, but also scientific experts, institutional and economic partners, to report progress and finally to share fieldwork experiences.

For its 6th season (February to July 2010), the VIASANO programme launches a new theme dedicated to fats, focusing on knowledge and behaviours to control consumption. For more information, please click here.

(Photo: 1st VIASANO Congress)

logo_thaoNews from THAO in Spain

On 20-21 May 2010 will take place the 5th THAO congress in Santiago de Compostela "City of Meeting". The opening session will bring together several institutional representatives such as the Spanish Minister of Health and Social Politics and the President of the Spanish Town Halls and Districts Federation. A round-table will be held with different scientific experts and local stakeholders in order to discuss further about strategies aimed at preventing childhood obesity. This will include the presentation of two different Spanish initiatives: the PASEA programme (Regional level) and the NAOS Strategy (National Level).

Additionally, THAO will encourage the celebration of the Physical Activity World Day, promoted by the World Health Organisation and to be held on 6th April in Spain. The THAO theme of the semester, dedicated to the promotion of physical activity, will be consistent with this special day. For more information, please click here.

epode News from Epode in France

The 4th Epode Congress entitled "EPODE: already 5 years. Together we look forward to the future" will take place in Vitré on 27-28 May 2010. The purpose of the congress is to present the results and the evolution of the programme since 2004. Gathering national partners as well as local stakeholders, this event will be also an opportunity to highlight the most remarkable EPODE local projects and activities that were implemented over the last years. Besides, a round table with local elected representatives and health professionals is foreseen to address the key role of the local communities in the childhood obesity prevention. The strategic transition from primary prevention to obesity care will be also discussed through a workshop dedicated to general practitioners. Additionally, this year, the congress will welcome a European delegation of participants interested in the development of similar initiatives in other countries. It will constitute a valuable opportunity for European experience sharing, particularly as regards the implementation of the programme within communities. For more information, please click here.

EPODE outside Europe

opal_graphic device News from OPAL in Australia

The OPAL programme (Obesity Prevention and Active Lifestyle), coordinated by the Department of Health of South Australia, has been launched in 2009 and is currently implemented in 6 councils (Marion, Mount Gambier, Onkaparinga, Playford, Port Augusta and Salisbury). This number is expected to progressively grow up to 20 councils by 2012.

The first theme, "Water. The Original Cool Drink", has been launched in February. The aim of this theme is to inform and mobilize the involved communities in order to enhance tap water consumption. An insight of the theme is provided on the OPAL website through a "refresher course in water" presenting the importance of water in the diet and providing suggestions to help parents to foster water consumption in children. For more information, please click here.

tour_5pasos_img01 News from 5 pasos in Mexico

"5 steps for your health" is a behaviour changing programme headed for mexicans which enables to "conquer our health" through 5 actions, with the participation of our family and our friends. It's an evidence-based intervention, easy to understand and to implement. These 5 actions can be developed within families, at work, at school and inside the community.
These 5 steps are:
1. Move
2. Drink water
3. Eat vegetables and fruits
4. Take personal responsibility for health
5. Share and communicate with family and friends

"The National Agreement on Health Nutrition" for the obesity and overweight prevention was developed on January 2010 and signed the 25th January 2010 at the residence of the President of the Republic. It is a national strategy that involves different public entities such as the department of the National Education, the department of Health, the department of Labor, the Social Security, the department of Agriculture and private entities. In this occasion, "5 pasos-EPODE" was presented and launched by the President of the Republic Felipe Calderon as the main strategy of this agreement. Between 2009 and 2012, the programme will focus on 5 key areas: daily physical activity, beverages and water consumption, fruits and vegetables, the body, and sociability related to food and physical activity habits. The EPODE methodology will be particularly used to carry out the "Children and adolescents" part of the "5 Pasos" plan.
Besides, in the mark of the "5 pasos" national strategy and the National Agreement on Health Nutrition, 237 professors of physical activity and 237 nutritionists were hired by each district all over the country.

This strategy, is aimed at training this staff (17-18th of march in Zacatecas) whose function will include the implementation of the "5 pasos" programme in the workplaces and in the schools of each community. At the end of the year, the deployment of the programme in 546 schools and 273 workplaces is expected.

The "5 pasos" programme count today 34 programmes at national level
For more information write to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

5 pasos_escuela

(Photo: Mazatlan, the 24th of March, private school)