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visuel_34FALLING WALLS: Berlin Conference on Future Breakthroughs in Science and Society - November 9th 2009

The Falling Walls conference, initiated by the Einstein Foundation Berlin, was held on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The objective of the Falling Walls conference was ‘to break down the walls that we face today'. Among them, childhood obesity has been designated as one of the walls to break. In this framework, the EPODE programme was chosen to address the childhood obesity issue.


France: a new EPODE website

The new EPODE website has been launched a few days ago. This website is a real new conception: the description of the EPODE methodology has been updated and enriched with interactive contents, videos and information about the 226 EPODE sites. An interactive map has been developed to access information on each EPODE town and gives more visibility to the hundreds of actions and initiatives taking place at local level. For EPODE local project managers, an extranet section is now available, enabling to share information, experiences and best practices and to access to all the EPODE materials developed at national level.

You can visit the website at the following address:

Belgium: the 1st VIASANO CONGRESS

To date, the VIASANO programme implements the EPODE methodology in 15 towns located in the 3 communities of Belgium. Being a key milestone of the deployment of the programme, the 1st VIASANO congress will take place on 26 November 2009 in Mouscron (VIASANO pilot town) with a focus on "How to make the environment more favourable to our fellow-citizens' health?"
Various VIASANO stakeholders, experts and professionals will interact from a scientific perspective (presentations about the epidemiology of obesity and cardiovascular diseases, behaviour changes towards healthier lifestyles) and from a primary prevention perspective (Obesity prevention and reduction of social inequalities in Health, Promotion of movement on a daily basis etc.).
For more information on VIASANO, please click here.

Spain: the 4th THAO MEETING

On 28 October 2009 was held the 4th THAO meeting in Monzón. This meeting focused on the promotion of physical activity, in connection with the new biannual THAO theme that will be launched in March 2010 in the 32 THAO towns. It was also the opportunity to present the first results of the "physical activity questionnaire" that was filled last year in THAO schools to get more information about physical activity related habits of children and their family.
For more information on THAO, please click here.

paidi_logoGreece: 1st PAIDEIATROFI CONGRESS

One year after the launching of the PAIDEIATROFI programme in 5 pilot towns, the first PAIDEIATROFI congress will be organized in January 2010 in Athens. The objective of this event will be to enhance the dynamics fostered by various stakeholders involved in the pilot municipalities (mayors, project managers, health professionals etc.) and to reinforce the involvement of scientific experts and institutions supporting and endorsing the programme at national level.

For more information on PAIDEIATROFI, please click here.

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o Launching of OPAL in South Australia

The OPAL programme, based on the EPODE methodology was launched in March 2009 by Minister Hill in South Australia in 6 local councils. The objective of OPAL is to increase the proportion 0-18 year olds in the healthy weight range by increasing healthy eating and physical activity habits in OPAL communities.

o EPODE - 5 pasos "Niños y Niñas" in Mexico

In the framework of its "5 Pasos'" plan for the promotion of healthier lifestyles and the prevention of chronic diseases, the Ministry of Health of Mexico will implement the EPODE methodology. This plan, that will be implemented, between 2009 and 2012 will focus on 5 key areas: daily physical activity, beverages and water consumption, fruits and vegetables, the body, and sociability related to food and physical activity habits. The EPODE methodology will be used to carry out the "Children and adolescents" part of the "5 Pasos" plan. EPODE Niños y Niñas will be launched in a few pilot towns in 2010.

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