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Toward the first EEN Symposium, December 3, 2009

visuel_20The first EPODE European Network symposium will take place on 3 December 2009 in Brussels and will conclude a first round of meetings and research activities organized within the 4 committees of the project since its launching in June 2008.

EPODE European Network, from June 2008 to December 2009

Since June 2008, each research groups from the 4 university teams has organized, with the support of the Coordinating team, 1/2 committee meetings to share experience and collect point of views of professionals about the pillars of the EPODE methodology:

- The committee working on "the Involvement of Political Representatives" chaired by Prof. Stefaan de Henauw from Gent Univeristy held a meeting in Paris on 3 March 2009 more information

- The committee working on "Scientific Evaluation and Dissemination" chaired by Prof. Jaap Seidell and Prof. Tommy VIsscher, from Amsterdam Free University, held a meeting in Paris on 3 December 2008 more information

- The committee working on "Methods and Social Marketing" chaired by Prof. Luis Moreno, from Saragossa Univeristy held a meeting in Paris on 28 November 2008 and a meeting in Saragossa on 22 April 2009 more information

- The committee working on "Public-Private Partnerships" chaired by Prof. Monique Romon from Lille 2 Univeristy, held a meeting in Paris on 24 October 2008 and a meeting in Lille on 28 April 2009 more information

These consultation steps gathered, as a whole, more than 75 participants from about 50 different organizations and 15 different countries. As a innovative platform for discussion, these thematic meetings gathered a multidisciplinary expertise.

Besides these milestones, the 4 University teams have implemented an "in depth" collection of information from the literature and on the field, talking to actors involved in EPODE programmes in Europe (or similar initiatives), be this at national or local levels (institutional representatives, politicians, public Health professionals, project managers, researchers, NGOs, private companies etc.). It enabled to collect a vast amount of information to understand and document the critical components of the EPODE methodology and provide guidance from key practices.

Beside various communication activities (participation to several congresses and conferences) and the launching of a dedicated website, EPODE and the EEN were presented during a workshop of the European Congress on Obesity (ECO) Prevention Satellite entitled "Cross-European community interventions and studies to prevent obesity" held in Amsterdam on 4-5 May 2009. The ECO Prevention Satellite was a great opportunity to present the EPODE methodology and the EPODE European Network, among other European projects such as HELENA, HOPE and IDEFICS.

The ECO Prevention Satellite was followed by the 17th ECO held in Amsterdam on 6-9 May, where two posters (poster 1) (poster 2) have been presented: one poster was presenting the EPODE European Network. The 2nd poster was presenting the Social Marketing approach within the EPODE methodology.

EPODE European Network Symposium, 3 December 2009

The next EEN milestone is the first EEN Symposium, entitled "Sharing knowledge and experience about childhood obesity prevention", that will be held in Brussels on 3 December 2009. The objective is to gather EEN contributors and interested stakeholders to discuss the on-going development of guidelines regarding the pillars of the EPODE methodology.

The Symposium will be introduced by Mr. Robert Madelin, (Director General, DG SANCO), followed by interventions from EPODE actors from 3 European countries who will talk about their EPODE experiences. Finally, the work in progress conducted by 4 EEN University teams will be presented and discussed. For more information about the EEN symposium, click here.