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Orangina-Schweppes’ statement

Orangina-Schweppes is a partner of the EPODE European Network project since June 2009 but also became at the same time a Gold partner of the EPODE programme in France, of the VIASANO programme in Belgium, and of the THAO programme in Spain. This statement presents the commitment of the group in supporting the EPODE approach and its deployment.

The Orangina Schweppes nutrition commitment is much more than a responsibility. Indeed, it is both a corporate mindset and a soft drink manufacturing development model based on diversity. Our nutrition commitment relies on a simple and fundamental conviction: our products do have a role to play in a balanced diet, when consumed in a reasonable way and, when integrated into a healthy lifestyle.

We provide consumers with a wide range of soft drinks often containing fruits and flavours. Our products feature a large range of tastes and optimized added sugar content.

OUR DRINKS: quality and naturality

The common denominator to most of our recipes is the use of natural ingredients, such as fruits. We aim at offering a wide and diversified range of refreshing drinks which answers the growing demand for naturality and encourages consumers to maintain hydration. To do so, we propose them an increasing number of flavours that enhance the fruit taste.

We reduce the added sugar content of our soft drinks. We reduce the added sugar content of our recipes, both in our existing soft drinks and in our innovations. We develop our light soft drinks portfolio.

Our development model is based on recipes for high quality products, local anchorage and differentiated cultures, and above all on consumer's health and well-being.

Orangina Schweppes, a committed group:

The fruit at the very heart of our development: we want to develop the consumers' liking for fruit and products containing fruit or fruit juice. We participate in the research about the connection between the fruit taste and the fruit consumption.

Well-informed consumers: It is key for consumers to have optimal nutritional information so that they can better control their overall diet. Thus we add nutritional information on all our products through boards of nutritional values and Guideline for Daily Amounts indication.

A supervised marketing policy: we have designed a specific Code of conduct for advertising (ban of advertising to under 12s).

Products nutritional optimization: we progressively reduce the added sugar content of our soft drinks. Our drinks contain very few and as natural as possible additives. They are limited to the bare minimum.

The promotion of a healthy lifestyle

Our marketing policy is adapted both to our development model and our corporate mindset

Why have we decided to join the EPODE programme?
• EPODE and Orangina Schweppes share together common values: a balanced diet, with no product stigmatization, in accordance with the biologic rhythm, and combining diversity and pleasure.
• Orangina Schweppes supports an evidence based, differentiated and independent initiative aimed at preventing childhood obesity, involving national and local stakeholders in a sustainable solution
• At European Level, Orangina Schweppes together with other partners from the Private and public sector, including the European Commission wants to contribute to the development of EPODE Programmes.
• Orangina Schweppes wants to contribute to maintain populations and consumers in good health contributing to obesity prevention especially childhood obesity.

This support is consistent with the movement for a long-lasting health fostered by Orangina Schweppes.


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