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Jean-Michel Borys, MD, Proteines Scientific Director and EEN Director, is a medical doctor, specialised in Endocrinology, Metabolic Diseases and Nutrition. He was the promoter and manager of “Fleurbaix Laventie Ville Santé Study”, a CBI aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle (Northern France, 1992-2004). He founded EPODE in 2003 and the EEN in 2008. He has been an expert member in ANAES (National Agency for Health Evaluation and Accreditation). He is a member of scientific associations including the American Diabetes Association, theAmerican Heart Association and the European Association for Study of Diabetes. He has published several books and publications in the field of obesity prevention, including “Preventing childhood obesity: EEN recommendations” (Lavoisier, 2011).



Pierre Richard is Associate Director of Proteines Group. Specialized in Marketing and Communication, he has been working for the last 20 years within major food companies and communication Agencies. Pierre Richard has been particularly in charge of the strategic development of the EEN, media relations and public-private partnerships (PPPs).



Pauline Harper, Advisory Director, holds Canadian French Literature, Business and Law Degrees and has over 13 years experience in Consumer and Health Communications. Shejoined Protéines to help lead, manage and strategically develop EPODE, the EEN and the EPODE International Network. She is also responsible for the PPPs on regional and global levels.



Yann Le Bodo, EEN Coordinator, holds a Master’s degrees in Food Innovation (2005) and in Social Sciences applied to Diet and Health (2006). He previously specialized in the social determinants of obesity (Research Institute on Population Health, Ottawa). He previously worked as a project manager in health education at community level before joining Proteines in 2007 to help coordinate the EEN and the work of its 4 committees. Yann is also involved in the Coordination of EPODE programmes at international level.



Lea Walter, EEN Assistant Coordinator, holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in Rome, Lea Walter specialized in the study of psychophysiology applied to group training. Herformer work experience was in the field of Drug addiction in the city hospital of Buenos Aires. She joined the EEN Coordination team in 2010, where she brings particular skills in the development of intervention strategies targeting vulnerable populations.


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