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The EPODE methodology is also currently being adapted and was launched in 5 pilot cities in Greece. The Central Coordination Team is set up in Athens.

PAIDEIATROFI programme has been developed and adapted in Greece with the EPODE methodology.
The Greek EPODE programme, called PAIDEIATROFI, was officially presented to the Greek public during the first week of December 2008.
On the 3rd and 4th of December 2008, the initial training of local teams and the press conference took place in Athens.
Local project managers and health specialists from the first pilot cities: Agia Paraskevi, Aegion, Argiroupoli, Perama and Paleo Faliro (see figure 1 below) attended the training sessions and exchanged their ideas and concerns with the national coordination team from NOSTUS Communications & Events.


Figure 1: PAIDEIATROFI cities in February 2010

The first PAIDEIATROFI congress was held in January 2010 with the active participation of all involved stakeholders to address the first outcomes in terms of social mobilization and the challenges for the coming years.

Representatives from 8 additional cities who have joined the programme in December 2009 (Amfissa, Anavissos, Galatsi,Kifissia,Korinthos, Nea Filadelfia,Thiva & Stavroupoli Thessalonikis) attended the event. From 5 pilot towns who launched the programme in December 2008, 14 towns are now actively implementing the PAIDEIATROFI Programme.



For more information, consult PAIDEIATROFI Resources centre and PAIDEIATROFI website.


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EPODE in Europe


The EPODE initiative currently extends to 275 European Cities and towns - 225 in France (EPODE), 32 in Spain (THAO), 13 in Belgium (VIASANO), 5 in Greece (PAIDEIATROFI) and involves over 2.5 million inhabitants.